11 Guaranteed Method With Google Adsense Verification


I know you want to make money from your blog with google adsense ads, like many bloggers that make money from your blog.

With Google adsense ads, there are hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the blog.

Although Google AdSense is a very profitable door, I know most bloggers have real questions and problems;

What are Google Adsense application terms? How to get Google Adsense approval Google AdSense has not accepted the application. Adsense application rejected. Adsense has not approved the application. Adsense does not accept my blog …

And so I will pass on to you what you need to do before AdSense application so that you can run Google AdSense approval process smoothly.

1-Privacy policy was: why Google did not accept my AdSense blog? Privacy policy on your blog in one of the underlying causes may lack some of your questions.

But mine is just a simple blog that I share my own ideas. If you think what it means to have privacy policy, I must say that you have a wrong idea.

Before you receive your Google AdSense application rejected response, you must first create a privacy policy for your blog.

If you oluşturmassa privacy policy, 99% probably will not accept your application google adsense. Because Google accepts its privacy policy as a sign of how serious your business is.

After you have submitted your application for AdSense google adsense will check first whether to place a privacy policy on your blog.

If you give it a place, it will continue to check other criteria, and if you do not, you will be prompted directly to “Your blog is not suitable for Adsense right now”.

2-Top Level Domain: I know will be a sad detail to some of you but blogger and the blog you learn from wordpress.co address, ie, the block is located in the sub-domain name is not approved by google adsense is quite difficult.

Who does not want to earn a financial income when he has the opportunity to work from a blog, work and time?

Of course, sometimes people open blogs blogger and providing free services for directing the wordpress.com

However, these people realize that they do not get approval from google adsense when they want to get a financial income from a visitor to their site after a point, that is, they are misguided in the first place.

If you are one of them from you, with google adsense ads make money from blog you should move to an area of strong upper behalf.

Top-level domain name example: http://systemhosting.info
Subdomain example: http: // systemhosting.blogspot.com or http: // systemhosting.wordpress.com

Of course, keep in mind the following items when setting your new domain address;
• Hack, Download, Download etc. Do not use words like
• Do not use a domain name that is not against the copyright of someone else’s company
• Do not use slang, profanity, sexual content

3-File Number: How many of my questions have to be content to validate Google AdSense no clear-cut answer.

I had a total of 15 content blog but I applied when I apply for AdSense for content, but with 400 people she saw the AdSense application was denied.

My advice to you is, Adsense on your blog before you make your application consisting entirely of high quality and original content to publish at least 20 500 words.

4-Curricular Quality: The quality level for your Google AdSense is the most important ingredient content is located between application requirements.

Write content that does not copy and paste, but is original, quality, user friendly, detailed, high reading and interactivity …

Of course, the quality of your content, as well as the quality of your content, is very important because AdSense has completely closed its door to some issues.

Adsense Banned Content Types: contrary to copyrights of content (eg movie sites), explicit sexual content, hack, casino, gambling, alcohol, drugs, all illegal content.

5-About Me page: As with the privacy policy, one of the essential criteria for validating google adsense “about me” is your page.

Again, I say clearly, if you apply to google adsense without your “about me” page in your blog, you do not have to wait for 48 hours. I tell you the answer directly to you; “Your Adsense application has been rejected.”

Google treats your “about me” page as a demonstration of how serious your business is, just as it is in a privacy policy.

6-Contact page: In order to get approval from Google AdSense bloguz Another page you need to make sure to place, contact your page.

The criteria for Google AdSense is how easy it is for a visitor to communicate with you.

Therefore, to have a contact page, to have a contact form on your Comm page, as well as to give place to an e-mail address of your own domain address ornek@blogunuz.co I,you can integrate your social media accounts, so you allow easy passage to communicate through channels of all kinds with you for your visitors, Your chances of getting approval from google adsense

7-Design: You really do not have quality content, may not be sufficient alone to google adsense validating.

It is of great importance to design your blog to the minimum content quality to get Adsense approval.

Be absolutely sure that your blog is user friendly, has easy navigation and has a professional design.

8-Google Register: wait for a partnership with a blog from Google itself will not recognize a herpes expectations.

So, for Google AdSense approval, you should definitely register your blog with google, and wait for your google blog index.

Google’s indexleyip your blog, write google search bar, I seninblogun.co not indexed, you can learn by doing the research.

If your blog is the result of this search, then your google blog has been indexed.

9-use Google Analytics: Google analytics offered by google, providing detailed statistics about your blog and is a wonderful tool that is a must for bloggers.

Google analytics will help make your blog better, so your Google adsense application will be more likely to be approved.

To add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog: Google Analtics Adding to WordPress Site

10-Other Remove Ads: Google Adsense before you apply if another company’s ad on your blog, you have to remove your benefits.

The fact that you have another company’s ads in your blog may cause a bad impression on the google adsense team.

11-Other Highlights: The above ingredients except for Adsense validating the substances should also note that I shared the list below.

  • • If you have more than one blog, apply with the blog that you call the best.
    • When applying for Adsense, be sure to apply with your true identity and your actual information.
    • Do not use copyrighted images. Even if you use it, be sure to mention its source.
    • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Adsense program.
    • Do not resort to Adsense after you’ve provided paid traffic to your blog

Finally, I also strongly recommend that you read the Adsense Terms and Conditions and the Adsense Program Policies.

After completing all the items listed above, you can apply for your Google Adsense.

Approved your AdSense account 24 – will take place at intervals of 48 hours. And once you get approval from Adsense, you can use your ads on other sites.







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