How to Choose the Right Web Hosting or Server?


Perhaps the most researched and highlighted question for new web sites is the question of what should I be careful of when I am getting a new Web Hosting or renting a Server. Since the hosting movements are quite laborious and many settings require a job, finding a correct service provider in one go is crucial.

We prepare for new entrants or people who are not satisfied with the earlier Hosting provider sector in this article, how to choose the correct Web Hosting or Server and to act according to the criteria which we describe in detail.

1.) Choosing the Code Infrastructure for Web Sites

First of all, we need to determine the code infrastructure of the web site we want to install and how to serve it. This is perhaps the most important element that will influence the choice of hosting. If you will ask Nede. Code systems such as forum, blog, video site, gallery, game site used in web technology have different requirements. This code of some very powerful hardware infrastructure works as asking some extremely simple. Let’s look briefly at these systems and their requirements;

Forum Software: frequently used in Web technologies and software are asking quite powerful hardware infrastructure. We can say that a low level web hosting service will not be enough for you and you will experience a slow experience with users. For this reason, high visitor-targeted forum systems should lead to large-scale hosting or server solutions.

Blog Software: The most commonly used species in the world are the WordPress software. These software, called CMS (Content Management System – Content Management System), is a very powerful code infrastructure, but it works well on medium level hardware and does not put too much pressure on the servers. A high-visitor-oriented blog site will be able to handle its transactions smoothly by selecting a mid-level hosting.

Video and Online Gallery Software: The software in this manner will be entering the site, visitors consume large bandwidth. The basic reason for this is that the most space-consuming items on the web are videos and pictures. The person who will open this kind of site will be in a position to make a host or server selection that offers high bandwidth. MediaShare, PHP Melody can be shown among such software.

Flash and Java Games Software: Buddha is like video sharing software. Since high bandwidth is required, it is recommended that the server be flexible in this regard.

Standard HTML Software: dynamic infrastructure running code in the website established how little is so little CPU and ram it is possible to use smaller capacity because of the elections would be hosting. For websites with a flat HTML structure, the choice of medium to lower level or lower level hosting will be appropriate.

2.) Determination of Needs and Targets

After setting up the software to be installed and preparing the platform on which the web site will work, it is necessary to properly analyze the objectives and needs. The projections about the website should be done and the way it should be analyzed within the next 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years should be analyzed correctly. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it should be changed because it can not be continued for a long time with a missing or poorly chosen hosting structure. Replacing the host is both troublesome and highly recommended.

At the beginning of the statistical analysis comes the number of visitors. Other technical elements such as the countries where visitors come in, the input hours, etc. do not affect hosting components very much, but visitor density is one of the first factors that affect the system. If we look at sample analyzes;

Daily 0-5000 Unique Visitors: visit the group may be called the lower level. It does not put too much pressure on the server. Even a forum system will be able to enter a lower level web hosting platform easily because it will enter and leave 400 people at most. Write the bottom Hosting are given details on the levels.

Daily 5000-50000 Unique Visitors: Enters the Intermediate group. Systems other than plain HTML sites may at worst require a moderate Web Hosting, CPS, or Low-level server.

Daily 50000-150000 Unique Visitors: enters the Top Level group. It gets traffic between 30 and 200 people per minute and makes very big pressure on the processor, so Shared Web hosting is not recommended here. A top-level VPS or Intermediate Dedicated Server can see your business.

And over 150,000 unique visits per day: Enter the very strong group. For these types of websites absolutely Dedicated Server – Dedicated Server systems are recommended. This is the only thing that will ensure stable and smooth operation. Even high-traffic websites use multiple servers at the same time.

Carefully check that other technical features such as the number of E-Mail accounts other than traffic, database limits and sizes, SSL support, PHP, ASP support are covered by the hosting company’s packages. For example, if you need 1000 email accounts and the company gives you a maximum of 100 accounts, then your package does not meet your goals and requirements.

If you want to set up more than one web site, do not forget the total traffic rule. Every website you add to your package will be affected by common traffic and shared CPU, RAM usage. Also check that the company provides support for adding multiple sites. Today, this system is one of the most used options.

3.) Choosing the Right Hosting or Server Sales Company

After the necessary technical information is obtained, the actual selection process is started. We recommend that you first determine the companies that will buy the Server or Hosting platform. Investigations in our department are evaluating hosting companies for you. Also Best Web Hosting Servers and Systems section you can reference.

We recommend you to choose between companies that have strong customer service, who have technical infrastructure, and which packages of these companies, after searching you on specialized web sites and search engines. Just come from the first minds of companies like Hastings, Natro, Vital, Hostgator, Fatcow, 1and1, Lunarpages, Powweb.

4.) Comparison of Selected Firms and Price / Performance

When choosing a firm then you have to make the right choice between the packages and take into account price performance criteria. Here is what you need to do; It is best to write down your scrap and you will have to choose the one with the highest score when a band width is analyzed and the price of the package, technical details and company information are analyzed.

For example: you set up a forum system that has 150,000 monthly visitors. Middle-Upper level Choosing a shared hosting is enough for this. You can rent this system with an average monthly fee of $ 5 or more. Note that the shared hosting also has a processor limit of 25% or more. Because in some cases instant usage on forum software goes up to 50%.

  • A monthly firm i i k u $ 6 surcharge 1000 NEW evil s t and 8 GB bantg three ekirdekl 16GB ram with a server share şi get me a three-Have a job. Then the company’s brand is well melted ğ get 10/10.

  • B firm i i k $ 5 monthly surcharge 1000 SW bantg u s t and 16 three new Job ekirdekl 8GB ram server who shares three evil Did you get me a job. Markd de ğ 8/10 melt.

  • CA firm i i k $ 8 monthly fee ü 3000 GB traffic, 16 three ekirdekl cpu and ram 16Gb, Some Other brands melting 10/10.

  • D firm i i k $ 5 monthly fee ü 3000 GB traffic, 16 three ekirdekl cpu, 16GB ram, and Some Other brands melt 6/10.

Let’s look at the general evaluation now. Forum systems are powerful processors + software that requires strong ram. For this reason, let’s choose between the robust Ram and CPU support packages. Traffic will use a bandwidth of 100 – 250 GB per month in 150.000 Unique hit forum systems, so there is no traffic problem. The company’s brand value it offers to customers Uptime Percentage , fault repair time, technical support, live support, and the former is a set of components, such as customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the brand score in the price / performance comparison. Companies A and B were eliminated after technical choices. C and D companies have a price advantage of $ 3 per month, but the company C offers a great advantage with 10/10 points. It would be a wise choice to get a much higher quality service by giving $ 3 * 12 = $ 36 per year. If you make your choices in this direction, you will be the winner in the long run.

Hosting and Server Levels

If we are going to explain the lower-middle and upper-level terms that we often refer to in the article;

  • Lower Level: Price i $ 1 – $ 10 between the heat which melts and Some Other brands took 7/10 in which n i i n the buy-side firms offered shares ISA şi ml heat Hosting package.

  • Mid Level: Price s $ 5 – $ 50 between the heat which melts and Some Other brands sell side firms in 9/10 Zeri i n which offered shares ISA şi ml heat hosting and VPS package.

  • Top Rank: I Price $ 30 – $ 400 between I-soluble, and whose brands also ğ 10/10 d firmal side which ZeyEr u i n a k i buy ISA Server are offered VPS and Chiral Pack.







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