Microsoft Can Publish Three New Windows 10 Releases


The version of Windows that Microsoft accidentally released gave me tips on 3 new Windows 10 pending!

On Friday, Microsoft mistakenly issued Windows 10 build 16212 for phones and computers; Which caused the users who were updating to get stuck when the devices were turned on. It took the company a few hours to clarify the situation, and eventually a blog post was shared explaining what the affected users should do and explaining the situation.

In this mess, some Windows 10 users took advantage of the situation and tried to figure out Microsoft’s plans. Twitter user AndItsTito, Windows 10 build 16212 found three new Windows6 10 SKUs in the pKeyConfig file.


  • Windows7 10 Pro for Advanced PCs
  • Windows8 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs
  • Windows9 Server 2016 ServerRdsh

According to MSPoweruser, “Windows10 10 Pro for Advanced PCs” was previously referred to as “Windows11 10 Pro for Workstations”. If this is true, the new SKU might be optimized for multi-core computers and Enterprise users. N version, like previous versions of Windows12, is being developed for the European Union countries. Microsoft is forced to publish non-media-player Windows13 in the EU.

In addition, Rdsh stands for “Remote Desktop Session Host”. This version of Windows14 Server 2016 may be being developed to offer Windows15-based programs or the entire Windows16 desktop for Remote Desktop Service. The target of this new SKU can be the education sector and can be upgraded to Windows17 10 Education according to AndItsTito.

Finally, we expect these new SKUs to be released soon as they are in the Windows18 10 Fall Creators Update release. However, Microsoft must first officially disclose the existence of these SKUs.







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