Spaces Using Software Tabs Wins More Software Users Using Tabs!


Stack Overflow makes the biggest debate of software battles ever more interesting to discuss the Spaces vs Tab debate. Software developers and developers have different preferences for leaving spaces when coding. Some people think that it is more advantageous to leave gaps with the Space key, while others think it is more advantageous to leave spaces with the Tab. Even programmers who leave spaces with tabs can not tolerate the keystrokes that space users leave.

According to an interesting report by Stack Overflow, the programmers who code using the space key earn more than the programmers who use the Tab method. To give a different dimension to this holy VS battle, Stack Overflow has provided a test to 28,657 developers and created a survey that takes into account the degree of professionalism and whether they work regularly.


As a result of the survey, this group includes 40.7% tabs, 41.8% using Spaces and the remaining 17.5% using both. When users of the survey indicate their salaries, Tab users who use tabs get more salaries than those who prefer gaps.

The Stack Overflow report did not want to overlook the country’s criteria for a healthier result and did not forget to implement the report based on location. The other graph you can see directly below shows the salaries and profits of the software makers who prefer Space and Tab compared to the countries. According to the data obtained from USA, India, UK, Germany, Canada and many other countries, it shows that software users using Spaces have won more than Tab users.


I do not know what this Stack Overflow’s broad report can prove – you can access the report entirely from the link above – but my belief is that the tab space gap that has been around for years will not end in these reports. I forgot the HBO’s Silicon Valley series, where I can not tolerate the gaps that leave Richard’s girlfriend: D

Now the question comes to our developers and developers friends; Spaces? Tab?







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