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PageSpeed ​​is a tool that analyzes Google’s site speed. So what you like GoogleBot is encountering errors while browsing your site, your normal page load speed, code structure of your site SEO can analyze questions such as compatible with PageSpeed. PageSpeed ​​is Google’s most important tool for SEO. So having your PageSpeed ​​score high will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. In this article I’ll also tell you about upgrading our site to Google’s liking, ie your PageSpeed ​​result. I would like to thank Emre Bağçuvan for helping us upgrade PageSpeed ​​in WordPress.

First of all, do not forget to get a full backup of your site before any steps are taken! It will be easy to restore from that backup on any query that may occur on your site.

Analyze your site first by logging into Google PageSpeed ​​site once you have received your copy. You can find and fix the problem you encountered in the following headings.

Remove the JavaScript and CSS code that prevents the creation from the content at the top of the screen:

To solve this problem on your WordPress dashboard view> section and click on the Regulatory these codes in place an appropriate section in the functions.php file.

Code SelectShow


Optimize images:

Optimizing your images has a big impact on your site speed. I recommend you install the WP-Smush plugin for this. Once you’ve installed the plug-in, you can optimize all your pictures one-click by clicking Media> WP-Smush.

Minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

To reduce your CSS code to paste your CSS code site Compression Level: High can shrink by CSS. Likewise to reduce the JavaScript ‘to your JavaScript code you can paste.

Use the browser caching feature:

This problem is also your .htaccess file to eliminate where you need to enter the code. You can also install the WP Fastest Cache plug-in and select all the ticks that can be selected in Settings. You will have solved this problem in this way.

Code SelectShow

Prioritize visible content:

If you remove the slider in the mobile version of your site, your problem will be resolved.

Shorten server response time:

I would advise you to upgrade your hosting package for this problem. If you go through a faster hostage, the problem gets out of the way.

Enable compression:

This problem will most likely not appear any more after installing the WP Fastest Cache. That’s why we got it out of there.

By applying these methods you can increase your PageSpeed ​​score to a large amount. If you have a problem, do not forget to mention comments. I hope it works.







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