What is Cloud Hosting?


It is one of the biggest innovations in hosting sector. When a normal user hires a server or uses a shared hosting, access to the web sites is interrupted if a problem occurs with the operating hardware group, and the sites are not displayed until the hardware failure is repaired. The Buddha has a great disadvantage over the Uptime rate.

Think of a hosting product where you can choose hardware like VPS, power from multiple servers, show your sites and, if needed, power up and increase capacity in minutes and without interruption. That’s the name Cloud Hosting systems.

It is a system that allows you to serve more than one server and more than one server at the same time. In these systems, for example, 5 different servers can serve 2 different locations and 100 users.

We gave the figures as an example, but the mantı is like this. All servers integrate with each other via special software and act as if they were a single server. When there is a problem in a certain location or at any location, the remaining servers provide a continuous connection by entering the circuit.







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