What is cPanel? Features and Details


Many applications have been developed by web hosting companies and 3rd party software producers so that the web hosting systems can be easily managed and operated by the end users. Undoubtedly the most popular and most used interface in the world Cpanel management of these applications.

Browser-based and control panel with graphical interface make it easy for users to do what they want to do, as well as many important features for hosting vendors. Perhaps the most prominent feature for hosting companies is the low-end pricing and annual fee policy.


What is cpanel and what is it useful for?

We have briefly explained above. If we were going to give a little more detailed explanation; Is a special software installed on the server. This software is an icon based graphical interface designed to make it easier for some settings on the server to be changed, to get more information like statistics and any Logs.

Without cPanel or other graphical interfaces, almost none of the end users except experienced users could set up a site on hosting and manage this site. This is because all basic operations like database or optimization have to be done via ssh code lines. However, at this point, a simple interface provides a very easy to use.

In the picture below you can see the Hostgator cPanel Turkish management panel which we can designate as the biggest hosting company in the world.

The interface that appears in the picture above shows a slight difference (color and icon) compared to the hosting companies, but it is basically like this.

CPanel Usage

If you have cPanel with the control panel offered by the hosting company you have purchased, you have to login to the management panel first. There are several alternative methods to follow for this;

1) via a normal connection: The last part of the server you enter the ip number or website address in the address by the hosting company of your browser: Enter the port number 2082. Entrance will be like this.

  • I based site address: http://www.siteadresi.com:2082

  • I based site address: http://www.siteadresi.com/cpanel

  • I ip-based:

2) Port Secure (SSL): The only difference from the above process is to take all the information exchanged over an encrypted channel. The hosting package you purchase must not support this feature. You can review the hosting proposal for this topic. The action that needs to be done is to add the site address or ip address to the end: 2083 and use https instead of http.

  • I based site address: https://www.siteadresi.com:2083

  • I based site address: https://www.siteadresi.com/cpanel

  • I ip-based:

After the login process, a window with two separate windows appears. You can see this in the picture above. In the left small window area, there are news, hosting company’s campaigns, general traffic details, server’s hardware statistics, warnings, backup shortcuts, and recent backup information.

The area in the right-hand section, which consists of the sub-slabs, is the main area where the management process is carried out.

a.) Special section: This section is offered to you by the company under special campaigns or eligible for membership during that google, bing, yahoo there are marketing and advertising codes.

b.) Account Shortcuts: This section is under payments, account details, account takes place as the main issues concerning support interface.

c.) Preferences in the Preferences section of the cPanel interface and view related settings are made. This can include information such as color, language, password, and communication.

d.) Mail: All transactions related to e-mail accounts, add-drop, change capacity, such as settings and display properties located under this section.

f.) Marketing Tools: tools to help promote your site are located under this section.

g.) Files: This section allowed if you use them with the website design process filing and filing directories and include icons such as viewing the file contents.

h.) Records – Statistics: Awstats, WebLink is, raw logs and all other statistics can reach from here to here, and you can change the settings. We recommend that you pay attention to the Awstats feature when choosing cPanel from the hosting company. Very useful and nice statistical interface.

k.) Safety: ip blocking, where you make the basic security settings such as encrypted folders.

l.) Databases: MySQL, phpMyAdmin to access the database as the hosting services offered by the settings area where you can see and edit-changing information.

m.) Programs and Services: php, cgi Zend is where you can see the settings and details. In addition, WordPress, drupal, Joomla, phpBB ready site designs with a single click is the place where you can. Recall from scratch that the one-click software requires configuration later, so we always recommend you do a custom installation. Custom software installations can be found on our site. Contact us to find out what we can not find and we will make it for you on our site.

n.) Advanced: This section is under the basic network settings, mime types, FrontPage extensions, you can find the CloudFlare and apache features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cPanel Interface

It is a control panel system which is simple to use once, especially with Turkish support. CPanel is the most preferred interface in the world. Panels like Plesk and vDeck come after him. Although vDeck te is very successful and has a control panel with differences, it has not reached a very large number of users yet.

One-click installation, icon optimization, powerful statistical platform, and server-front end. If you look at the disadvantages, some hosting companies may charge additional fees for cPanel, which may lead to price differences. We recommend that you compare prices carefully in this regard.

WHM and cPanel

We ask our users many questions about this topic. WHM and cPanel systems have in common. WHM is a system called Web Host Manager which we will describe in detail in near future. It is a developed interface for hosting companies or vps, shared hosting sales, reseller hosting users, not end users. There is no need for the end user to be known.

Those who install the WHM system on the server will already have installed cPanel automatically. There is a joint sales license and installation type. If you want to rent a server and create and sell hosting packages on this server, the software and script you need will be WHM. WHM purchase and pricing can be done at cPanel official site.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about cPanel

Question: What are the latest versions of cPanel installation?
Answer: WHM and cPanel 11:34 latest stable version of the common types of installation packages.

How can I upload a server cPanel?
You need to install the WHM interface to use cPanel on your server. We will do a detailed explanation on this subject soon. But let’s briefly say that once your server has to be WHM support as software and hardware. Linux-VServer, Microsoft Server, CentOS, and Red Hat. Installation is completed after downloading the latest version from the official site, selecting the necessary settings and operating system.

CPanel There are multiple programs in the statistics section Which should I use?
We made a few comments on this topic. The most beautiful program we can recommend to you and we prefer is Awstats. It has the possibility of updating instantly and has a nice tabbed structure.







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