Domains are generally divided into two main groups:

1. International domains:

Such domains are obtained from firms registered in the USA with ICANN (http://www.icann.org) consortium. These domains also apply to the first application. What does this mean? That’s what this is. You or your company can register to a suitable domain if you have not applied before.

If yes, You will get in contact with the person who receives it and pay a lot of money, you will get a new domain with a different name. Another feature of these domains is that no documents are requested during registration. Because of this, everything we use in everyday life is recorded as domains, from city and region names, sectoral terms, to the names of famous names. If you have a question, why is it being recorded, the answer is; All these domains are needed later because of the thought. So in the future is a lot of money with the thought. It is also classified by international domains extensions; The most known extensions are .com, .net, and .org.

2. Geographical or local domains:

These domains have the same extensions as international domains. As for the difference between them. These domains come to the end of the domain name of the country where they are registered. For example, if you have domain name from Turkey, the domain of Turkey is added to Turkey’s internet extension .tr. The registration procedures of these domains are carried out by METU in Turkey. In domestic domains, the first referral rule does not apply. In addition, METU is registered with the authority given to it in nom., K12.tr and gen.tr extensions.

What is Sub Domain?

Subdomains of a domain name can be opened with countless subdomains within the framework of the permission given by the administrator in the web domain of the same domain name.
The zone to which a subdomain is bound can be arranged differently, independently of the domain name, and the control and management of these zones can be given to different people-entities.

If www.xxxxx.com is your domain name, it is a subdomain of “subdomain.xxxxx.com”

An example to be given is a subdomain of http://blog.systemhosting.info which is opened under a domain name which is http://www.systemhosting.info

If you want to get a subdomain with a domain name, you need to look at the hosting properties for that domain name. Subdomain hostingle is a bundled service.







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