What is Holistic SEO?


In SEO, we all have a smart way to get promotional postings from Google News registered on our site, to add our site to index sites, to get footer links, to buy etu gov backlinkers (!) Which will affect our site, and so on. The people who do the many SEO works today are doing these works by heart. The concept of holistic SEO is an attitude that opposes crudeness, non-contentious works and traditional methods.

Considering SEO Practice According to Holistic SEO Considerations:

Backlink Studies:
Incorrect Behavior: Get backlinks from directories, sites with edu gov extensions, sites with Google News registration, forums, in short, not much in the eyes of Google.

Holistic SEO Behavior: For example, let’s say you have a locksmith site. In order to settle in this column first, competitor analysis should be done and a strategy should be developed accordingly. Your backlink should be compatible with the category of your backlink site, there should be a natural backlink to be edu gov. For example, if you want to receive a backlink as a promotional post on the same site as your category, you must ensure that the promotional letter matches the specific SEO criteria and quality. In this way, if you put Google in the top of the list, you can also click on linkinize, the best backlink is the visitor backlink.

Your Site’s SEO Compatibility:
Incorrect Behavior: Trying to keep up with the backlinks of your site, regardless of the SEO relevance.

Holistic SEO Behavior: You should identify your site’s mistakes by looking at your Google bot in the eyes of your site, not the user experience. You can use Google’s service, PageSpeed ​​Insights.

User Experience:
Incorrect Behavior: Just by applying what I said in the previous article, this time not paying attention to the user experience, just making the site for Google.

Holistic SEO Behavior: In the previous article, although Google is priority, user experience is an important issue. You should also resolve user experience issues after making mistakes in Google’s eyes.







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