What is VPS? How Does VPS Hosting Systems Work?


In today’s post we will give you detailed explanations about VPS hosting types and operation details. Before mentioning the technical and other details VPS; English: virtual private server – Turkish: Let’s talk about that a term given Virtual Private Server name.

Before describing the virtual private server system açıklamlarda describing the detailed technical article on this topic and other management panel Technical Data and Hosting Directory be noted that section. In this article we only give you general information about VPS and answer the basic questions you are wondering about.

What is VPS Hosting?

These so-called Virtual Private Servers hosting systems, dedicated server with a structure that is shared between the host server rental service. It is created as if there are multiple, independent servers using special software on a single physical server.

For example, suppose you have a server with Intel Xeon E3-1265L 2.5GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. Normally, if you want to rent a server like this one, the service name will be Server Rental or Dedicated Server rental.

However, if you divide this single server into 5 parts independently by a special partitioning software, it is called VPS Hosting. You can see in a little more detail what we mean in the following figure.


How Does VPS Hosting Systems Work?

The working structure is no different from the normal server. The main purpose of driving VPS systems to the market is a model between Dedicated Server systems, which are high in price and used by a single user, and shared, shared servers that are inexpensive but used by thousands of users at the same time.

On the server;

  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Hard Drive
Are divided into several parts with a special software and sales are foreseen one by one.

If you choose to use 1/5 of the processor, for example, with special software on VPS systems, 1/5 of the capacity of the processor is allocated directly to you and other users can not use your own.

VPS Hosting companies you want to buy are offering you the choice screen. For example, how many ram, harddisk and processor you want options such as you do not come out. The bigger and the more the choices are made, the more you will need to pay.

Virtual Private Server Management

Management software is different than shared, reseller hosting models. One of the most popular sharing software known is the Virtuozzo Power Panel. In the picture below you will see a sample picture of the panel.

The management panel has a very talented interface. It is software that hosts the artificial reboot technology even within the basic hardware structure of the server.

Virtuozzo Power Panel - with VPS Management panel;
  • Stopping and then pasting VPS receive three research
  • Backup
  • Did I use O R Hardware monitor
  • VPS Do I repair it
  • File Trade Administration
  • Write-through 
  • Special Apache server settings
In addition to special capabilities, there are hundreds of different standard management features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Systems

After mentioning such topics as the operating structure, management features and technical features of VPS systems, I have come to talk about the plus and minus aspects of these systems to the users.


1) Low Cost High Capabilities: With a time VPS systems use dedicated servers t want to have so much money, construction of a hosting package is for those who want to give each month. You can buy a vps from hostgator, natro, bluehost, fatcow, inmotion and many other companies with affordable prices by choosing a vps suitable for your capacity and renting a rented server at a price of $ 250 per month.

2) Powerful Access Content: Many on shared and reseller hosting package barındırmaz from within custom software settings. For example, a different php, asp or run your MySQL version and the build server settings if you want to be special for you and all of them are the best alternative if you want to APs against your VPS hosting system more affordable price.

3) Email and Security Settings: virtual private server systems and e-mail settings to make much more detailed, you want a dedicated e-mail software can set up and manage. You can also create a different usage structure by optimizing the firewall outside of the standards. In some cases, firewalls can restrict the use of the server. In Hosting Guide You can find detailed articles on this topic.

4) Physical Hardware Sharing: Maybe this is one of the most powerful advantages. It is even seen that in shared hosting packages many times the server slows down and even some users are locked up as the result of installing the wrong software.

Nowadays, even though many powerful hosting companies reduce this and limit the users, this situation often happens. In VPS systems, software and hardware are clearly shared. As a result, the server will not be affected by the performance of other users since the server can not go beyond the allocated processor frequency (Hz), the RAM memory size (GB), and the hard disk size (Gb and TB)

Cons: Too much, but not with the disadvantage is the biggest drawback to have some knowledge management requirements for a standard user. Continuing lessons and articles on management will be posted on our site but it is still a bit difficult to manage a VPS without learning.

However, in some cases, incorrect settings will cause your web sites and custom software you designate to be compromised and transferred to the hands of malicious people.

Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Server Systems

What should I take care of when buying a VPS Hosting Package? First you will buy the package and you are looking very well at the firm. We recommend that you choose companies that have good references in these matters. We can suggest you to give priority to the firms abroad because of the formation of new quality firms in Turkey. We will gradually introduce recently tested and approved Turkish VPS companies.

Another factor that you need to be aware of after selecting a firm is how much capacity you need. Forum, Video sharing scripts and some image gallery scripts are tiring very much. For this reason, your daily traffic
  • 1000 - 5000 in the singular between the I - Input Level Job
  • 5000 - 25000 is singular - Intermediate
  • 25,000 - 100,000 The singular - ST Level VPS package would need 
What are the main differences between VPS and Reseller Hosting Packages? Once VPS is a private package, it gives you great management and access advantages on the server. If you have a VPS package, you can sell a reseller through this package. Reseller package allows you to create new packages and sell them to users but you do not have much control over the server.

Which 5 companies are providing the best VPS hosting? Hostgator, Inmotion, Hostmonster, Natro, Bluehost are among the best companies in this regard. Natro provides very good support especially for users in Turkey. Hostgator has a growing share in the Turkish market for the last 1 year.

Why not Dedicated VPS hosting? Single and clear answer money! Today it is very easy to find VPS packages with a fee of $ 20 per month, which is quite scary to find a rental server under 100 TL. Of course, you do not have full control as a rental server, but cheap vps hosting services that you can find based on usage level are always available.

How to Use Bandwidth in the VPS Host Solution The leased server, which is divided into specific shares, has a single ethernet port and internet connection. Therefore, users share this port in common. In VPs packets you are allocated a certain bandwidth and quota. This quota is standard between 10 Gb and 10 TB. Higher quotas can be allocated on special request with different pricing.

A web blog or forum that has 100,000 Unique visitors per month consumes approximately 20 to 100 Gb of bandwidth. Image and video sharing sites are on the top of these numbers. The systems that use the most bandwidth on the internet are online video sharing systems.






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