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WHM (Web Host Manager) can be briefly described as software known as web host manager. A lot of software is being produced so that end users can access to hosting easier or more detailed. WHM is one of the most important of these. VPS , Dedicated (Dedicated), users of the Reseller package will constantly faced with this name.

CPanel is the most popular hosting management system interface, known as users can easily check their website statistics, can use structures such programming.

From a different point of view, do not you wonder what the admin interface controls the Cpanel software? At this point your opponent is WHM. We can define WHM as software that controls the cpanel. Another change is the software that controls the software.

End users can only do the operations that are offered to them with cPanel. Yet, when we face a structural change we want to do is go on the top panel WHM software that controls it. WHM has the same admin login as cPanel. Secure or via regular port connection can be made to the WHM interface.

WHM connection ports;

  • DATA SECURITY port: https://siteadi.com:2087 or server ip address: 2087 (d r:

  • Normal Enter this: http://siteadi.com:2086 or server ip address: 2086 (d r:

The following illustration shows a standard WHM interface screen.


WHM Interface Usage Areas

There are 3 different WHM interfaces according to usage areas.

1) WHM Reseller Panel: you will find about Reseller hosting systems very soon a detailed description of our site. Reseller You can sell the reseller unit you bought with WHM by separating the parts and features you want.

With the WHM panel you can create different Cpanel accounts for different users and give these cPanel accounts the technical specifications you want and you can get the restrictions you want. In short, you can set up a package as you like and resell it with the user.

2) WHM VPS -rwhm Panel: WHM interface that is different from the above panel that has permission to access the main root folder, and is therefore called the rwhm. The operations that can be done with the Reseller WHM are limited, while the VPS manager has much more authority. In other words, there is a much more detailed access to the server.

3) Dedicated – Dedicated Servers WHM Panel: webhost manager for dedicated servers are generated is just like WHM VPS module. The only difference is that the vps has a limited effect on the hardware rather than the limited hardware part on the server.

Advantages of Using Web Host Manager

We told WHM, cPanel manager. One of the sites on a single cPanel can be affected by all other sites on cPanel when one is hijacked and hacked by the bad user. However, even if one of the sites used with the different cPaneller created by the WHM panel is seized, the others will be able to work independently.

Private domain redirection and ip assignment authorities provide a great advantage for SSL certificates, especially those used for shopping and online selling. Also, it would be much safer and more convenient to check with a different cPaneller with WHM if you are controlling a large number of websites through a single cPanel.

What can be done with WHM

The features we have described below are the ones that are important with WHM. Apart from these hundreds of different operations can be done with the web host administrat

    • Hosting Package Creation: With this process, you can create sub-hosting packages in the size, capacity, traffic capacity you desire. There will be a separate cPanel login section for each hosting package.
    • Deleting and Replacing a Package: This is a section for editing the above operations and deleting the hosting packages created.
    • Creating DNS Domains: IP – A feature that you can do with domain name redirects. So you can make domain assignments for different ip addresses here rather than from the directories that you do while creating the account.
    • SSL Certificates Management: With this section, you can upload SSL certificates to your servers and have the ability to use different SSL certificates for different subaccounts. SSL certificates are a must for safe shopping in particular.

The above transactions and other operations over time as more Hosting Our guide will tell.

Frequently Asked Questions About WHM

What is the most fundamental difference between WHM and CPanel? Once, Cpanel is known as end-user software. WHM is the main software that controls the Cpanel, so it can be considered as the software that controls the Cpanel.

Is WHM a Paid Software? Yes it is a paid software. In fact, Cpanel is a paid software, but companies that provide hosting services take these software on your behalf and sell it to you when they are installed on the server. It is the obligation of the companies to operate and sell in order to prevent a raw material from working. So, being paid does not bring you any additional financial burden.

What can be done with WHM? Can it damage the server? Hosts are downloading special software to servers that can not be accessed by users in order to minimize such damages. Therefore, you will configure or create packages that can cause damage to the servers very hard.

Can Web Hosting Manager work on Windows Servers? Different management software is usually used for Windows sserver systems. The most known of these are the Plesk panels. However, it should be made clear that the Cpanel and WHM panels are fully compatible with and can be used in concert with Windows servers.

What are Server Alert Systems for WHM Panels? Any hardware or software error is an interface system that informs the users and administrators of the problems that occur on the server. Online dating is a very important period of time and it is very important for users to pay attention to this detail. For this reason, emergency warning systems are very important and necessary features.

What is the latest WHM Edition? As of March 2013, the most current version of WHM on the market is version 11.36. By entering the Cpanel and WHM panel, you can check whether your software is up to date.

WHM is the authority to restart with WHM? You can restart the Http, SQL server unit, SSL certificate software and Mail mail software from whm panel. Of course, this authority is restricted in reseller panellas.

You can ask the questions you are curious about in the comments section.







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